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Ясная практика жизни / Академия ясности

Лови волну... Скользи по Вселенной!

Олег Матвеев olegmatveev
Предыдущий пост Перепост (ЖЖ и др.) Следующий пост
La Paloma

The most beautiful song I've ever heard! One of the masterpieces of the history of the world of music, was composed by the Spanish Sebástian Yradier y Salaverry 153 years ago, in Cuba in 1863, and adopted by the Mexicans as a "second anthem." It has been recorded in more than 50 languages by the best singers and orchestras in the world. Since Elvis Presley, Julio Iglesias, Billy Vaughin, André Rieu, to Brazilian backlands, including the oldest and pionners Cascatinha & Nhana more 70 years ago. Congratulations and thank you, because your choice, Libranmoon!


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